Here are some of the projects I have worked on.


Helping Non-Tech User’s To Build And Launch web ideas.

R3plica brings stories from the minds who are shaping the future of robotics and artificial intelligence (Ai).

Blockqode is your place to find information about Blockchain projects and startups that are making a difference in the contribution of the Blockchain development community.

Blockchain For Digital Identity: Hosted by Blockqode

I’m Remoto help you live a remote life by getting you to learn new skills that will get you that next job but with the freedom of work from anywhere in the world.

Tips and tools to help you improve your copywriting 🥊 superpowers .


  • Mindcom Project

Mindcom integrate Artificial Intelligence into Blockchain to leverage each others performance and to build an efficient product.

On this project we are working towards projects that improves the power of blockchain with the help of Artificial Intelligence. The team Mindcom is founded by the AI engineer and Blockchain developer Mehender Reddy.

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